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How do I sign up for a trip? There are two ways to sign up for trips. The preferred way to pay for trips is to reserve your spot on this website, and send your payment via EFT. If you are unable to pay via EFT, please reserve your spot on this website and you can pay cash at a bi-monthly social (on the events page).​

Do I have to be a member of Tannenbaum Ski Club to go on a trip? No, you don’t have to be a member of Tannenbaum Ski Club to go on our trips. We’ll be glad you’re going with us. However, we charge a non-member fee if you are not a member. If you think you might go on two or more of our trips, you’ll save money by becoming a member.

I’m a member of another ski club in the area. Do I have to pay the guest fee? We have reciprocal agreements with most of the other ski clubs in the area, such as Frankfurt, Patch, and Bavaria. If you are a member there, you don’t have to pay the non-member fee to go on our trips.

Why aren’t our hotels closer to the lifts? During ski season, European ski resorts book hotel rooms by the week. The “week” starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. TSC does its best to book hotels as close to the lifts as possible, while still maintaining excellent trip value. TSC trips bridge across two booking weeks, so most hotels will not book us; if they were willing to, they would charge exorbitant rates.

Why don’t we get to the lifts earlier? We normally schedule our trip departures on a date and at a time that allows our members to work a full day. German law requires that bus drivers get eight hours of rest between duty days. So if the bus arrives late at our hotel and we are at a location where we must take the bus to the lifts, we must allow the driver to have the required eight hours of rest prior to leaving for the lifts. There are usually city buses that start early enough to get you for first tracks if you don't want to wait for out bus!​

Why doesn’t our bus take us to the lifts on the last day of skiing? German laws limit the bus driver’s duty day to 14 hours. If he takes us to the slopes in the morning on our day of departure, his duty day might run out before we get home. So for this reason, you can take local buses to the lift and we will usally pick you up at the mountain to head home.​I can’t make it to the meetings.

Can I have someone sign me up for a trip and pay by EFT? We understand that some of you live further away, or are deployed, or have class, or work nights, but you still want to go on the best ski trips of your life. We can accept payment by electronic funds transfer. Please coordinate payment with the trip captains then email a copy of the transaction receipt to the Trip Captain. This really helps us tremendously in keeping track of who paid what.

Why am I unable to get a full refund on a last minute cancellation? Tannenbaum Ski Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run club. We book all of our trips through travel agencies months in advance. The travel agencies, hotels, and bus companies have strict cancellation policies that we must adhere to. The club does not have the funds to absorb the cancellation fees they charge, even when the cancellation is due to a short-notice TDY or deployment. We do our best to assist in finding you a replacement. Additionally, we try to work with the tour company for some type of refund but it’s not guaranteed and it’s typically not determined until after the trip when the final bill is consolidated. Contact your TC for further explanation.

How do I become a board member? Our ski club—your ski club—is dependent on volunteers. If you are interested in a fun, rewarding, and, yes, sometimes challenging experience, please contact the club at for specific questions and we are more than happy to work with you to best serve your club!​

I took some great photos. How do I get them posted on the website? The Tannenbaum Ski & Snowboard website is on facebook and instagram with links on the website to post all your awesome pics! (keep um clean ya dirty rascal!)​

Where can I purchase ski insurance? We recommend DSV Aktiv

If your question isn’t answered here, please email us with any other questions you may have.

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